Pixel Pandemic: Yeah, I'm a little butthurt.

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SWTOR players with at least one level 50 are getting a free month of play time.

It might come as a shock, but I don’t have a single level 50. I have three characters in the mid-40s with my highest being a level 47 Sith Marauder. In fact, if you total all of my characters’ levels, the number would…

Leaving you with the hot Shae Vizla Kicking Ass!



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Completely different, this is. Yes. Hmmm.
This occurred at the tail end of my SWTOR session. Finally made it to Alderaan. And there I was trying to look for a rest zone during the constant NPC bombing. GOOD TIMES.

"EA defends itself against thousands of anti-gay letters."


My boyfriend sent me this story about an hour ago (he’s a BioWare employee, so he likes to stay informed on issues like this). How ridiculous that something like THIS is going on. I mean, come on people.

Even if you are ignorant/homophobic, and thus against the representation of LBGT…